Giant Chess

The ultimate garden game...Giant Chess. This is a the perfect way to keep your guests entertained for hours. Suitable for all and lawn friendly. The set consist of the following:

Chess Pieces

Weather allowing just add water to their bases.    
2 x Kings – 60cm in height 
2x Queens – 58cm in height
4 x Bishop - 54 cm in height 
4 x Knights – 45cm in height
4 x Rooks – 42cm in height 
16 Pawns – 42cm in height 

Chess Board 

64 Open Mesh Plastic Tiles – 32 Black / 32 White
Measurements 38cm x 38cm 
Total board measurements 304cm x 304cm 

Giant Connect 4 

The English Ash and Rosewood style gives a natural vintage look. A crowd-pleasing game that is easy for all ages to play. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Total Size of frame with legs is 120cm wide x 100cm high 
21 Red & 21 Black Plastic Coins 42 cm x 13cm

Coconut Shy

A classic and favourite of ours, this coconut shy will be a great addition to your special event. The game includes six different sized targets to challenge you and your guests.

Set includes:

6 x Coconuts

6 x Shy Pins

12 x Hardwood Balls

1 x Vintage Bucket (for balls)

Vintage Back drop

Giant Tumble Tower

A jumbo version of the game otherwise known “Jenga” is made up of 56 Pine blocks by 19 levels (21cm x7cmx4.7cm). At the start of the game reaches a height of 90cm and can be built up to 150cm. A time honoured game for all events which can played individually or in teams. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. 


Our favourite vintage garden game to be played and suitable for all ages. The executive croquet set is beautifully crafted and includes:

4 x English Ash Mallets with brass protective rings and octagonal English ash handles (3lbs each) - (2x 97cm mallet with 24cmx 8cm hand & 2x 87cm mallet with 24cm x 8cm hand.)
4 x 16oz Composite Balls 9cm in diameter 
6 x Steel Club Hoops 51cm in height 
4 x Corner flags with metal posts
4x Coloured Croquet Chips
1 x Hardwood Centre Peg 3cm diameter and 56 cm in height.
1x Bag


We love our 28 high quality giant wooden dominoes (180mmx90mmx10mm) set, colour coordinated to help with play.

Hook The Duck

Hook the duck is perfect for any vintage themed occasion.

Set includes:

1 x Vintage bath

10 x Ducks with hooks

4 x Fishing rods


How Low Can You Go? How can you and your guest resist this contest? 

Set includes:

Our limbo set has a very sturdy construction making the wood durable.

Overall Height 145cm​

Max Width 140cm

14 Height options


A perfect outdoor summer game, nothing is decided until the last player plays. A game for all ages where strength and speed is not important. Just throw the jack and off you go. This game is not suitable to play inside. The set is completed by:

6 x Steel Boules
1 x wooden Jack
String measuring device in a wooden box. 


A perfect game for any event, the hardwood skittle set gives you everything you need to enjoy the classic bowling game. This excellent set contains:
10 x skittles 23cm height x 5cm diameter 
3 x Hardwod balls – 8cm in diameter


A lawn game of skill and accuracy, ideal for all ages. 
Set includes:
Varnished wooden base 51cm 
5 x pegs 17cm in height 
4x natural rope Quoits 

Giant Noughts and Crosses

The traditional family game made from high quality choir rope and solid polished wood.

Set includes:
1 x Rope Board 120cm x 120cm

5 x Wooden Noughts 30cm x 30cm

5 x Wooden Crosses 30cm x 30 cm

Ladder Golf 

Ladder golf is great fun for all your guests, this game can be played by two or more players but why not try a team competition? Our ladder golf has rounded edges and a finer quality for a longer lasting finish.

Set includes:
1 x Wooden ladder golf stands with unbreakable rungs

1 x Set of white bolas

1 x Set of green bolas

1 x Set of red bolas 

1 x Set of yellow bolas


Draughts is a game for all ages and offers a fun and easy experience for all involved.

Set includes:

24 x draughtsmen - 12 white and 12 black

Garden nylon checkers mat 138cm x 138cm

Keep a eye out for additional games to be added in the near future !!!